Privacy Policy

What this policy is about

This privacy policy refers to how data is stored both on this website and in our app Bioblitz.

What information we collect and why

In the app, we save your email address and we have a unique ID to be able to navigate the app and store your wishes about language and country. We link your ID to your phone for easier login. We store information about any purchases you have made to show you the information you are entitled to. In the event that the app crashes, we store crash data and link this to your mobile phone to enable analyzes of what went wrong in the app.

We may use your email address to contact you regarding changes and future functions as you actively within the app choose that we compile your own information via email to you. We also reserve the right to use your email to provide you with information about other apps for animal enthusiasts or literature intended for animal enthusiasts, but we never give out your email address to anyone else, but we keep it to ourselves. So far, it has happened exactly zero times that we have sent an email.

In the app, we can save information about which insects you are interested in in order to provide you with information related to these species. The app can use your GPS position for the purpose of filtering possible insect species and for the purpose of adding position position to photos you choose to add. The purpose of saving this information is that without it the features of the app would not be usable.

Normally no information about you is requested and stored when you are on the website. In the future, we may add some kind of forum to the website and in this case we may save your user ID for login, know what posts you have made and what any comments you have entered. 

Uploading photos

By uploading an image in the app, you irrevocably give the company that owns this website and app the right to change and use the image. With the restriction that it is only inside an app and that rights to the image may not be passed on. You agree that you yourself have the rights to pass on the rights to use the image and that you accept that it is up to the company that owns this website and app to decide whether the image should be changed in any way, used or deleted. The image will not be given to any party outside the company that owns the website and the app. 

Our cookies

When you log in to the app, we may create several cookies to save information about your login and your choices for designing the app’s layout and what information is displayed in the app. If you leave a comment on our website, you can choose to save your name, e-mail address and website address in cookies. This is for your convenience so that you do not have to fill in this information again the next time you write a comment. 

We do not share information with anyone else

Information stored about you will only be used by the company that owns this website and app and will not be given to anyone outside. 

How long we store your information

Information about you is saved until you delete your account in the app. Send the administrator an email in the app to ask to have your account deleted. After this is the only information from you that remains photos, information about the photos you uploaded and any comments you entered. 

What rights you have to your information

You can at any time see what contact information is stored about you inside the app by going to your profile inside the app. What is not shown there are the photos you have chosen to upload, the information you have entered related to these photos and any comments you have entered. All information is stored in a cloud service where only the administrator and developer of the app have access.