Terms of use

As to these terms

These terms govern the relationship between users and owners of the Bioblitz app.

Rights to information and pictures

The owner of the app owns the rights to all information and images within the app. Exceptions are in cases where it is photos uploaded by other people and in these cases it is the person who uploaded the photo who holds the rights to it.

Responsibility for the accuracy of the information

The owner of the app strives for information in the app to be correct but takes no responsibility for the omitted or incorrect information contained within the app. Owner takes no responsibility for how the information is used and can not be claimed for compensation for any damage.

Rights to delete user accounts

The owner of the app has the right to delete a user’s account without explanation in case of suspicion that the user account is used to change or delete information in the app, to spread discord between users of the app or if the user account is otherwise misused. 

Price changes

The owner of the app has the right to change the price of subscriptions within the app as long as it follows the rules of the app store where the app is downloaded, including following the app store’s recommendation on how information about price changes should be sent out.

Content change

The owner of the app has the right to change the content of the app and it can be but is not limited to changed functionality, add and delete new families of animals and to add and delete species within the app. Changes, including the removal of information and images, can take place at any time during the time period you subscribe without you as a user being entitled to compensation.

Your rights to your information

We follow GDPR and privacy regulations. We strive to only save the minimum possible information about you.

The owner of the app has the right to change these terms when he so wishes, but the terms must be published here and a link to here from inside the app.

By using this app, you accept these terms in full.